About Dr Bach

     Dr Bach started his vocation in life by qualifying as a Dr, Surgeon, Pathologist, Homoeopath and Bacteriologist. He still found that people were still suffering and wanted to know how this was so. This led him on to searching and discovering the 38 remedies which we know today as the Bach Flower Remedies.    

      Dr Bach was a pioneer in his day for the wonderful remedies which he produced. His persistent longing to help people was one of great importance to him.  In the 1930’s, when he practiced as a Dr in Harley Street, and in the University Hospital in London he found that people were not just right, although they had gone in to the surgery or hospital and received help in different forms.  This led him to believe that the answer must lie in nature to relieve the mental distress they were going through. Dr Bach started to people watch at different events he attended and noticed that people fell into different personality categories. He identified that it was the personality of the person which needed to be addressed first, then the moods, then the emotions which would complete his gift to society .

       Once Dr Bach realised it was the mental state of the person which needed support and not the physical, he gave up his Harley street practice and his research lab in London. He decided to search in England and Wales to find the correct remedies to heal the different mental states of mind people were experiencing, with the help of his helper Nora Weeks, the search commenced.  It took Dr Bach 20 years to find all the remedies to heal the different states of mind people were going through, from the start of life to the end.  When he had found the 38 remedies to cover all the different states of mind he said “that it was a complete system of healing, which was natural and safe for anyone to use”.  That the remedies he had found would cover all negative states of mind that anyone could go through from the start of live to the end. He had found a complete system of healing to lift the person’s state of mind from the negative to the positive, helping the personality, moods and emotions of the person. 

Dr Bach said

"Health is for everyone, not just the few". 

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