Hello, I would like to welcome you to my website. 

My name is Sheila Nelson, I live in Clayton le Moors near Accrington, with my husband and have one son.  Living close to Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley with it's lovely hills and countryside, gives me the opportunity to have lovely walks and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings with it's tranquility and peace.  

I am very passionate about my work and have over 20years of experience in complementary therapies. In 1992 I qualified at The Gablecroft College of Natural therapies in Reflexology. Since that time my focus has been to help people with stress related conditions and bring about health and well-being back into their lives.  

Following on from Reflexology I have qualified in

  • E.F.T


Holistic therapies are now being sort after by many people for a lot of different reasons, for e.g. Stress, tension and physical problems.  

Complementary therapies have been used over thousands of years to allow the body, mind and spirit align and work as one. 

Please feel free to browse through my website as it has a variety of therapies to suit all age groups, from new born babies to the elderly.  Complementary therapies have the ability to bring about a soothing and calming effect on the body as our body has the intelligence to heal itself given the right environment. Investing in your health is the first step to bringing about harmony into your life.  Finding time to invest in your health is the first step to making that happen. 

Give yourself permission to relax and allow your body to do the rest. Put yourself and your health back into the driving seat.

Talking about putting yourself back into the driving seat actually happened to me when I began having health problems.  Investing in my health payed off as I recovered slowly but surely to where I am now. This has enabled me to help other people who have been seeking ease for their discomfort. 

My involvement with complementary therapies, has never faded since the day I qualified in reflexology, as they say, must be in the right place, doing the right thing.  

Experiencing reflexology or any of the other therapies, have the capability of restoring mind body and spirit to a state of harmony and well-being. 

 Therapies listed above has changed my life forever, leading me in a direction to a more healthier and fulfilling life. I always feel first hand experience is the best, don't you, so you can pass your experience on with confidence. 

It is so nice to pass my experiene on to help other like minded people who decide to invest in their own health and well-being. Helping people who are suffering from stress and ill-health is something I feel strongly about. 

Maybe you could firstly ask yourself these questions below, then browse through the website to see which complementary therapy may suit you the best.   

Would I like to change my attitude to a healthier lifestyle?  

Would  I like to find the coping skills to reduce my stress levels. 

Do you feel that life is overwhelming with all it's stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Do you need that extra boost of energy to help you enjoy things that were once effortless.

"Health is for everyone not just the few"  Dr Edward Bach

I believe that the body has it's own healing mechanism that really is there for a reason.  Many people have forgotten that they have the skill to tap into the body's own healing response.  Over time we have been desensatized to the natural healing powers that are inside us all.

 Hope you enjoy browsing through the website and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards Sheila 

Sheila Nelson    Clayton-le-moors Accrington Lancashire BB5 5XD       Tel: (01254) 231271