Infant massage may help your baby in it's everyday environment.  Massaging will enable you to teach the little one the art of relaxation and how to effectively handle stress from a very early age.  Loving touch undoubtedly may help babies relax and prepare them for the fast and busy lifestyle of today. 

Infant massage also helps de-stress babies and helps mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers alike to feel more in touch or in tune with the new arrival, which benefits both the caregiver and receiver alike.  Infant massage is safe and anybody can do it.  It is simple and easy to do.

No qualifications needed

Infant massage takes a few minutes of your time and the memory of it last a lifetime.

Infant massage helps you and your baby understand each other in a very loving way. May I say again, Excellent for  parents/grandparents or carers to enhance that special bond. 

Unconditional love for all the family. Infant massage works just like the ripple effect when you throw a pebble into a stream, the water ripples and radiates out. The effect once the infant is settled has the same effect as the water, the feelings of stress and tension just ripple and radiate away. Peace and calm are brought back into the family home or environment.

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