Energy Blockage;          this is signified by "things not going very well" for us - "stuck in a rut".  These usually describe the existence of an underlying enery blockage as it afects us in our daily lives.  Energy blockages are loosened so that energy can become free of obstruction.

Free Flowing Energy;    is described by the expression "going with the flow" our energy is flowing without hindrance.  There is an overall feeling of rightness about what is happening in our lives and a sense of balance.

Metamorphosis;             in Biology, is a term used to describe the life cycle and changes of form that take place during the growth and development of an egg, into a mature animal, when a complete change of body shape and lifestyle accompany the changes, such as the spawn of the frog changing into a free swimming tadpole and then into a land dwelling frog, or the egg of a butterfly changing into a caterpillar, then a chrysalis and next a butterfly.  At each of the stages of growth and development, there is a re-birth, Metamorphic Technique is a name used in the context of personal growth, recognising the transformaton of one's life which can occur in a natural way with the energy originating from within the person.  For the indisvidual concerned, it involves letting go of old ways of being, thereby feeling free to create a new and quite different life.

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