The History of The Metamorphic Technique

Zone Therapy

     The ancient Chinese method of zone therapy was rediscovered by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose and throat specialist, who brought it to the attention of the medical world in 1914.

     He found that there existed, in the body, ten longitudinal zones which run from the top of the head to the tips of the toes and fingers; each organ of the body is located in one or more of these sections. His investigations confirmed that by massaging the toes or fingers situated at the end of these zones, a definite effect occurs, bringing about the normal physiological functioning in all parts of the body, reflected in the corresponding zone, resulting from an activation of energy flow throughtout the area concerned.


     This work was taken a step further during the 1930's by another American, Eunice Ingham, who developed the practice that is today know as reflexology.  It was subsequently introduced into Britain during the 1960's by Doreen Bailey.

Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet mirror, or reflect the whole body.  By massaging specific areas of the feet, harmony and balance can be restored to the corresponding parts of the body through stimulating a flow of energy.

Prenatal Therapy

     Robert St. John, a british naturopath, evolved the practice of prenatal therapy, based on the principle of reflexology, during the 1960's. He proposed tht we create our own stresses which in turn have an adverse effect at both a physical and psychological level.

     Whilst exploring the potential treatment through the feet, he discovered that physical illness corresponded to blockages in the reflex area of the spine and that there was a correspondence between the heel area of the spinal reflexes and what he termed the "Maternal principle" - a blockage here manifested itself at a psychological level as a difficulty in the person's relationship with his/her mother, or the capacity to nourish, nurture or care for others or for oneself, and also a difficulty to be grounded.

     Such blockages were indicated by the appearance of, for example, an area of callused skin.  As the blockage was resolved, so these conditons on the feet disappeared (e.g. an area of hard skin on the heel would return to its usual healthy state.

     He identified a correspondence between the first joint of the big toe and the Father principle.  A blockage here revealed a difficulty in the individual's relationshop with his/her father/boss or person in authority, or being a father, but also a difficulty in the person's capacity to express his/her own inner authority.

     Later, he discovered that the spinal reflex points situated along the line connecting these points, between the big toe and the heal also reflected the nine months of the gestation period from the moment of conception to the time of birth.  He concluded that the patterns of stress formed during this time continue to exert an influence upon how we are in our present lives, since this is a formative period when all our characteristics - physical, emotional and behavioural are established.

     This discovry meant that whereas in reflexology, the stress of the body could be released through the manipulation of the feet, it was possible to release energy blockages, established during the prenatal period, by working along the spinal reflex points, hence the name, prenatal therapy.  Later he recognised that all stress and illness ultinately originated from an unconsciousness attached to the past, the source of which goes back to the beginning of life itself.

     Robert St.John later referred to his work as "Metamorphosis", in recognition of the fact that radical and far-reaching changes can occur in a natural way, originating from within the individual through the application of this therapy.

     The term "Metamorphic Technique" was subsequently coined by Gaston Saint-Pierre, a Canadian, who became a student of Robert St.John in 1977 and who set up the Metamorphic Association; a registered charity, in 1979, to promote this work worldwide.


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