The Principles of The Metamorphic Technique



     When we consider the body as a whole, we realise that the cells form three different types of structures; hard tissue, soft tissue and fluids.  The hard tissues, the bones and the skeleton form the primary structure created by all the factors which at the moment of conception, went into the making of our life.  The soft tissues express what we are making of our life, and portray the continuous movement of change within ourselves.

     Flesh and skin provide the covering for the bony structures and through muscles, ligaments and tendons, we have movement.  The internal organs, directed the the "greater mind" perform their function of maintaining the body in life and health.

     Permeating the structures of the hard and soft tissues and the fluids which express the direction of the movement of our energy- the orderly manner in which the body functions.

     On the other level, the three types of structure correspond to the three aspects of our being: the bony structure portrays that which is most permanent - the life or energy factor.  The soft tissue structure corresponds to the mental aspect, while the fluid corresponds to our emotional aspects - that which drives our being.

     If we agree that our purpose in being on this earth is to expand in consciousness towards ever greater creativity, then we observe that the emotional aspect indicates the direction of that movement. The principle is that there is a vertical line through the skeleton, passing through the spine and the skull, representing the course of life principle.  The three transverse lines, the first through the skull, the second through the shoulders and the third through the pelvis correspond to man's primary actions - thinking, doing and moving.

     In ancient China it was understood that there was a complex system of energy currents which circulate in predictable patterns throughout the human body.  There in no beginning and no end.  When the fingers massage the feet, the result is a stimulus and a predictable reflex action is registered in the corresponding part of the body, restoring balance and circulation and correcting disharmonies. 

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