A Tribute To Sheila
Our heartfelt thanks to Sheila for bringing our 20 year old daughter Debbie out of pain, despair and deep depression.
After seeing numerous doctors, scans, blood tests etc.- all to no avail and watching her go from a happy normal teenage girl to a very sad young lady who was on numerous strong pain killers, she had no energy, very depressed an felt that life was not worth living.
We were upset to see her like that and was at our wits end when Alice suggested we took her to see Sheila to see if reflexology could help.
From the first session Debbie has never looked back, it was wonderful to see the remarkable change after just one session, Debbie's eyes looked alive again and we heard her laugh for the first time in months.
Since that first meeting with Sheila she has continued to improve and we now have the old Debbie back who goes out again and most of all not on any painkillers and the best thing of all is we hear her giggles.
Sheila has helped Debbie when no one else seemed to care, she has given light at the end of the black tunnel, she is truly a remarkable lady with a wonderful gift, we thank her from the bottom of our hearts.


To whom it may concern,
Sheila Nelson has participated in Massage and Aromatherapy sessions at Dame Evelyn Fox Special school every Thursday afternoon during the Autumn term.
She was, at that time, studying for her Reflexology examination and, with parental permission, she treated some young pupils experiencing Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, with Reflexology.
She showed sensitivity and gentleness, and feels that she can offer some beneficial treatment to children experiencing severe and profound learning difficulties.

Class teacher and curriculum co-ordinator for pupils experiencing Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

I am a Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferer and I would like to make some points about when I had Reflexology.
1. I have no discomfort at all after treatment
2. I am totally relaxed
3. I have a feeling of well-being
4. I have a complete nights sleep.
5. I feel a lot better for a few days afterwards and more able to cope


In May of this year I pulled a muscle in my back.
The doctor told me to take Paracetamol three times a day for five days. I was no better after putting up with the pain for a month.
I decided to try Reflexology and went to Sheila for treatment. After three treatments I have not had a bit of pain since.


After having sciatica for nearly a year and trying various things I had a course of reflexology and all my pain has now gone.
I found it very relaxing and helpful all round.


I have had a hernia for over 15yrs and with the help of a truss have carried on.
Recently I have had discomfort when walking , but since attending for reflexology with Mrs. S. Nelson the relief has been marvellous.


After suffering for many years with piles I finally had the operation which seemed to be a success.
Recently however, much to my horror, they returned. Someone from school suggested I go to for reflexology as she knew a friend who had been and her piles had gone after one consultation.
I make an appointment with Sheila. During the session I experienced a drawing sensation in the back of my legs, like something being taken away. The whole session was very relaxing, but at the end my legs felt like I had done a 10 mile hike! The best thing was that I could not feel my piles. I slept extremely well that night. Next day after a days work I still could not feel my piles. To play safe though I had another session with Sheila.
It is now some months on and I am completely pile free!! I go now and again for a consultation to help me cope with my job and keep stress free.


I am writing to tell you how much better I feel since having Reflexology by you. I came to you in August of last year having been recommended by someone who had been to you and found the treatment was so beneficial to him.
Previously, I was visiting an Osteopath and had been doing for many years. I had to go every three weeks and also was taking eight painkillers per day. I no longer go the Osteopath and only have to take two painkillers a day.
My general condition is so much better and this 1 attribute to your care and professionalism. Having had a very traumatic experience whilst under your care and finding your additional treatment so beneficial I will recommend without hesitation your reflexology treatment on any occasion possible.


Dear Sheila,

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.
I cannot express my gratitude enough.
The reflexology is so relaxing and your friendly approach is so calming.
I have only known you for six weeks but feel I have made a friend for life.
I will certainly recommend you to anyone.


Dear Mrs Nelson.

I have suffered from spondilitis for over seven years, and in spite of treatment from my own Doctor, courses of acupuncture, and physiotherapy treatment from a consultant - which cost a pretty penny - left me feeling not much better.
In June this year I was in so much agony, that hearing about reflexology for the first time decided to have a go and made an appointment to see you.
As I explained to you at the time this was done with tongue in cheek. After the first visit I felt very little improvement, but not expecting miracles at my age - 72 next - decided to persevere, after the fourth time I experienced such a wonderful relief from pain that it was unbelievable - it still is -.
However we jointly decided to give it a rest for a while and await development - which I must say were very good.
The cold weather doesn't help my condition but overall I am indebted to you for your patience, understanding and of course your treatment.
A big bonus for me is the manner in which your treatment has helped with my stomach disorder.
I think I told you that I have only half a stomach, and for more than 10 years have chronic pain after eating in which I have to take antacid tablets.

Believe this or not, but since my last visit to you ( 14 months ago) I don't think I have taken more than six tablets - magic -.
You may use this letter as a reference or in anyway you wish, but once again let me say a. BIG THANKYOU and wish you every success in the future.

Sheila Nelson    Clayton-le-moors Accrington Lancashire BB5 5XD       Tel: (01254) 231271