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About Sheila

A bit about me

Established 1992

I work as a reflexologist, crystal therapist and intuitive healer.

Working in this wonderful world of natural therapies for nearly 30 years, I have helped many people with different health issues and conditions. I am passionate about my work and give my full attention to helping in your recovery back to optimum health.

I use my intuition, knowledge and experience to pinpoint which treatment would be best for your needs. Or if you particularly know what treatment you require we will go ahead and get the session underway.

How I got into Reflexology

I came into the healing art through memories from early childhood, of not feeling as you might say not quite right healthwise. Suffering from eczema since I was four years old, creams, lotions and sprays were prescribed by the Doctor, which were of little benefit and only gave ease for limited periods.

Over the next 30 years the condition persisted and I never felt completely well. During that time I had a feeling of hopelessness and that nothing could be done to help. I became dissatisfied with the orthodox way of treatment.

At 34, I was diagnosed as suffering from M.E. The immunologist when asked if there was a cure said ` He could not give me any answer, for the injections were still in their infancy.'

Treatment was administered with strong side effects on occasions. Feeling of hopelessness, followed by depression, mental and physical exhaustion persisted. I could not see any future in continuing down that avenue. Again I was dissatisfied with orthodox medicine.

The immunologist suggested a change of diet, have my mercury fillings removed and to introduce organic food. This proved helpful as did the inclusion of herbs. The Hay diet helped with my digestion by not mixing protein and carbohydrate together at the same meal.


Sheila Nelson


My thoughts and feelings were now on a more natural way of healing.

After a few weeks on a more balanced diet, with plenty of raw vegetables, a more positive view on life brought a small glimmer of light, to what seemed a hopeless situation.

A friend, who was knowledgeable gave me advice on vitamins, minerals and natural healing. Her help brought me relief mentally and physically and from there on my interest grew in the healing arts. I also found Bio-magnetic-therapy of great relief, as it appeared to help my immune system to improve by taking the toxins out of the body.  This is done by a system of healing using bottles. (To find out more look at Bio Magnetic Therapy in the main menu).  Yoga was also suggested for relaxation and the key towards a healthy balance of mind and body. The results I received were calming and a slight feeling of some control over my life.

Life had more meaning.

My search continued to keep myself balanced for future health. Emphasis on natural healing with no side effects was one of paramount importance to me by now.

An introduction to meditation proved an inspiration and the mental concentration became a tonic. I realised self determination and self discipline could improve health, also that healing came from within. I began to understand that an absorbing interest was the key to health.

However, meditation was not the answer, a feeling of frustration was surrounding me and I continued looking for something more definite. Chi Gung brought relief and a determination and a confidence (Chi Gung exercising internal organs through breathing). This rekindled the interest that I had had in Reflexology beforehand and which seemed a totally fascinating system of healing through the feet.

I took a three day introductory course. I then attended a full time course at The Gablecroft College of Natural Therapy. Working towards an effective recovery and taking into account what the G.P and Consultant had said I worked towards an effective recovery showing how orthodox and complimentary therapies can truly work together effectively.

I was then discharged from hospital and told, by the immunologist, to continue with what I was doing as he could not improve on it.  I felt confident and very enthusiastic at becoming a full time professional reflexologist.

From there I have qualified in different therapies including Bach Flower Remedies, Healing, Emotional therapy, Bio-Magnetic Therapy, Metamorphic Technique, Quantum Touch, Infant Massage Instructor.  This has led to me finding the right balance in my life.  All this has also led to a good thing coming out of a bad as now I can understand, and hopefully, help people get a better understanding of their own health and well-being.

Foot massage in the spa salon in the garden.



  • Member of the Association of Reflexologists
  • Qualified Bach Flower Practitioner

Ready to find out more?

Enjoy browsing through my website and if you wish to know any more information about the therapies please do not hesitate to contact me.

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