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Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used from ancient times to help people release blockages that cause ill health in the physical body.  The Egyptians, Native American Indians and many other cultures used crystals on or around the body of a person to help the physical body rebalance and heal itself naturally.


Crystals how do they work?

Crystals work with the energy field that surrounds the entire physical body called the aura.  Also, the crystals work with the seven main energy centres running down the centre of the body which are called chakras, and the channels of energy running inside the body which are called meridians.  Working with the energy around and inside the body can help release blockages as well as balance the whole body on every level, meaning mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in a natural and holistic way.

The electro-magnetic field of the earth is balanced and stable and works with nature and natural law to provide all our needs. Being connected with all the natural rhythms provides us with the ingredients to be healthy and balanced on every level.

The human body’s electro-magnetic energy field can become unstable at times when our body is exposed to stress and/or illness. Crystals are an excellent way of releasing any blocked or stagnant energy that has accumulated in these electro-magnetic fields. Once the blocks or stagnant energy are released from the body the physical body starts to realign very effectively by relaxing and rebalancing itself naturally in its own way and in its own time.  The energy field which flows around and inside the physical body will resonate with the crystals, and both will then entrain together to help bring the physical body naturally back to health instead of being compromised through stress, illness or injury.  It is when the life-force in the body is flowing unimpeded that health and harmony is restored to optimum levels. Crystals have a very calming and balancing effect on the whole body, helping bring about peace of mind, harmony and well-being back to our lives.

What happens during a treatment?

After filling in a Health Record sheet, I will ask you how may I help you and the reason you would like a crystal healing treatment.  Once we have discussed the reason/s for your treatment and I have explained the treatment to you and you have given permission for the treatment to go ahead I will ask you to lie down fully clothed on the couch or remain seated on a chair if you wish, so you can receive a personalised treatment just for you.

When you are comfortable on the couch, I will then ask you if you would like some gentle music playing while you relax and receive your treatment (your choice).   I will then sense with my hands your energy field for any imbalances in the aura, chakras or meridians and then choose the best treatment for your needs. This provides a personalised tailored treatment just for you to bring your body back into alignment and release any imbalances causing the physical body to feel dis-ease or discomfort.

Crystals placed around or on the body will help dis-entangle the blockages that are stopping the natural electro-magnetic field from flowing correctly. When the crystals and the energy field become connected it allows the physical body to relax, release and let go of any stress or tension causing discomfort.  This allows the body to have the ultimate healing experience.

Once I have sensed your energy field I will then place the appropriate crystals that I feel would be most beneficial for you on and around your body in a non-invasive way.  You may feel different sensations in your body with the treatment, this is a sign that the crystals are moving energy away from the blocked areas to release, so the natural flow of energy can be resumed and the physical body can feel more at ease to heal itself.

After the treatment

You should feel very relaxed and calm.  If you can, try and take things easy for the next few days to optimise the healing potential.  REMEMBER the treatment is just the start, once you have had your treatment, you’re energy is balanced and you’re body begins working to heal itself, so results may show weeks later.

Clients participation

It is advisable to increase your water intake over the next few days to facilitate the release of toxins from the body.

NOTE  Headaches may occur if not enough water is consumed, as re-absorption of toxins may occur.

Avoid alcohol and coffee for 24 hours as it is a stimulant and may impede the flow of crystal energies flowing through the body thus reducing the full effect of the treatment.

Healing Reactions

may occur after a treatment

  • Sweating may occur
  • Change in bowel or urine output
  • Feeling cold and shivery
  • Tearfulness
  • Feeling very tired

This is normal as it is a sign the body is detoxifying naturally and eliminating any toxins.

Price per treatment     £40

allow 1hr 15mins – 25mins per session


Crystal healing is a complementary therapy
Crystal healing is in no way an alternative to the orthodox method of treating and prescribing for people.

Ready to find out more?

Enjoy browsing through my website and if you wish to know any more information about the therapies please do not hesitate to contact me.

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